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Isotipo Luka

Privacy Cryptocurrency for everyone


What is LuKa?

Information privacy for decentralized applications

Luka is a cryptocurrency of Latin American origins, whose project is to be the basis of the power of personal information of each user. This, through the support of a blockchain with anonymous transactions that processes data by means of decentralized applications free of use.

It is intended to be a focus of technological culture, in which users can perceive the added value when interacting with LuKa in their daily life, as well as giving emphasis to commercial areas.

An essential part of our journey is the continuous social adoption in the different countries that LuKa aims at. Taking a step further towards different kinds of products, services and other interests.

Luka Despegue
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Great community

It is intended to be a prominent community focused on those interested in Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies.

Community project

Ongoing project

Active developments progressing day by day thanks to the ideas proposed by the community.

Community open source

Open Source

Our developments are open source for the community.

Our Team

Unity above all else, we present the team behind LuKa

Ariel Salas

Founder LuKa

Software Engineer

Eduardo Godoy

Co-Founder LuKa

UI/UX Designer

Andrés Fuica


RSS Manager

Antonia Morales

Game Designer

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Follow the future developments of LuKa

  • Q4 2017

  • 22 DIC, 2017

    Official Website

    Launch of the LuKa website.

  • Q1 - Q2 2018

  • FEB, 2018

    Official Pool

    Launch of the official pool.

    Access in: pool.cryptoluka.cl

  • FEB, 2018

    Wallets: Windows & MacOS

  • FEB, 2018

    Official Explorer

    The official LuKa explorer will be launched for transactions made within the network.

  • FEB, 2018


    LuKa takes a step to international level trading.

  • MAR, 2018

    Wallets: Android

    You can access the Qwallet online platform to access your LuKas from anywhere with your Smartphone. Access here:

  • MAR, 2018

    Wallets: iOS & Web

    You can access the Qwallet online platform to access your LuKas from anywhere with your Smartphone. Access here:

  • Q3 - Q4 2018

  • AUG, 2018

    LuKa: Internationalization

    Because the time has come, LuKa expands to unknown lands giving full support to multiple languages on their platforms. In the same way, new negotiations with exchanges are started to make our work known.

  • 2019 - 2022

  • 2020

    Pet Storage Dapps

    Soon more information...

  • 2022


    Soon more information...

  • In community development

    Coming soon

    The future of LuKa will be built under constant adoption in Chile. As a team, it will be provided; support for ideas, projects and integrations resulting from a community work methodology.

    Under constant publication


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Frequent questions

Here you can solve your doubts.

The technical detail of our project is the following:

Algorithm: CryptoNight (Classic)

Max Supply: 100.000.000 LUK

Block reward: Factor 22 / 0.445 LUK / Factor 22

Generation of blocks: Every 90 seconds

Calculation of difficulty: Every block (Algorithm LWMA)

If you have available balance in your wallet (Qwallet, Desktop, Exchange), you must select "shipment" and enter the destination address to which you want to send the transaction, optionally you can enter the PaymentID if the recipient requests it.

Remember to always discount the fee to make a transaction without problems.

The transactions of the network are instantaneous, nevertheless a series of confirmations that take around 3 to 10 minutes are needed to confirm the validity of your transaction.

The fee is a small fee that is added to the sending of a transaction so that there is an incentive for the miners to work the algorithm that will process and validate your transaction.

This has a minimum amount of 0.001 LUK and we always recommend using a radius of 1000: 1 (Each 1000 LUK must be sent 1 LUK fee).

The PaymentID is the only field within a transaction that is public, this serves to identify payment to suppliers. Certain exchanges use this ID as a requirement to recognize who has made a deposit.

Its length is 64 characters.

There are 2 ways to acquire LUKA, buying it or mining it

You can buy LUKA in any of the exchanges in which it is listed. Can see the list here

Of course! You can use any means provided by the development team in order to accept LUKA in your business, there are also third-party solutions for mobile devices such as Qwallet or immediate liquidity solutions such as OrionxPay. If you have any questions, you can contact us at [email protected]

LuKa is based on a decentralized system that serves and exemplifies an accounting book. This technology is characterized by being a trust-based system that is already designed to present only truthful information that has been distributed throughout the world. When we speak of anonymous transactions, we are talking about the privacy of the information of the users, which has been violated in the last century by intermediaries of the information.

Thanks to the cryptonote protocol, it is possible that each user owns their information since it is not public except for the owner to give the corresponding consent to their keys of view.